Monday, April 22, 2013

Beats By Dre Beatbox Review


A little box with a lot of boom

The school where I work recently gave me the task to find a new sound system for the gym. I was looking for something small and durable but also something powerful that would fit my needs for when I teach to the kids and for extracurricular activities.


This sound system is fairly simple. It has an iPod dock for any apple device with a 16 pin connector (not iPhone 5 compatible yet) and an audio input at the back. You can also connect wireless devices via Bluetooth.

In terms of looks it look very sleek. The one I got is all black with a red beats by Dre logo on the front (There is also a white and grey version available). Both side of the device are equipped with handles for easy portability. The system can be plugged to a power outlet or, if you want to use it on the go, you will need six D-cell batteries (Seems like a little much doesn't it?) that can be place in a latch under the boombox.


Like most products made by the company, this one delivers a good sound quality. I can easily project sounds through the whole gym without any problems. The sounds does become a little distorted at a higher volume but nothing really major. The reach of the system when connected to Bluetooth is far better than I ever could of expected. I can leave my phone in my office (which is at the other end of the gym) and still get a 
great connection. The remote control that came with the device on the other can not reach that far.

The beats by Dre Beatbox is also very sturdy. It received quite a few hits in the last month and there is no sign of malfunctions yet.

The Price Tag

The price tag is a little high (399.99 on sale when i got it) but the quality is there so it is worth it. Can you get something similar for a lower price? Probably, the features are basic and pretty much standard on every recent model.

The Bottom Line

Powerful, durable and great looking, this product is reliable and a great acquisition for any music lover as long as you don't mind a small jab to the wallet.


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