Monday, April 29, 2013

Beats by Dre Solo HD Review

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Worth the hype?

The beats by Dre headphones caught my attention as soon as they came out; I tough they looked cool. Their marketing sure did a great job promoting them in various music videos and public appearances by famous athletes and artists. But good marketing doesn’t necessarily mean good product right? I decided to test them out myself to see if they were really worth it.


200$ CAD


The Solo HD are very aesthetically pleasing (let’s face it, they look good). They offer a simple foldable design which allows you to bring them with you virtually anywhere. They are equipped with ControlTalk technology that allows you to answer calls and have conversations while they are plugged to a cellular device.
The box specifies that the Beats Solo HD are made for Iphones, Ipods and Ipads, which in a sense is true. When I tried it, my iPhones did not instantly recognize the ControlTalk. After searching true forums regarding the issue, I finally found the problem: the cable that came with my headphones was defective. Luckily the headphones came with two cables, so I simply used the other one. Also the L shape audio jack makes it difficult to use with phone cases; but. A straight 3.5mm audio jack can be bought separately.

Style, Quality and performance

As I said earlier, they appeal to so many because they look stylish. They are slightly different in style from the regular beats Solo as the HDs have a glossy exterior instead of matte. They also made the HD sturdier because a lot of costumers were complaining about broken Solos. As for sturdiness, I have had no problems with these head headphones. They survived multiples falls from head height and many stretching due to accidents.
On the other side, the detachable ear cushions can be a problem. They come off rather easily and can be a pain to reattach. As for comfort, I found that it’s best not to use them for a long period of time because after an hour of listening to anything with them, my ears started to hurt.
In no way shape or form do I consider myself a true headphones connoisseur, but as a regular consumer, I felt let down by the sound quality. In my opinion, the only difference with other headphones is the bass-boosting, which a lot of people confuse for sounds quality. Also, there is no noise-cancelling and music can easily be heard by people around.


The Bottom Line

All in all, I would define the Beats Solo HD as an overpriced fashion accessory. They look good, but that’s pretty much all they have going for them. They cost twice as much as a decent quality pair of Sennheiser for an overall painful and unpleasant experience.


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