Friday, April 26, 2013

Collective Minds Rapid Fire PS3 Controller Review

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Many features.. you don't really need

I am a big call of duty fan, other than the occasional Mortal Kombat match that`s all I play. So when I came across and controller that would give me a small edge in the game I got it right away. Turns out it wasn't that simple.


There are many features so let's jump right in...
  1. ILLUMINATION : Ok, so the buttons are lit up, but if you are a seasoned gaming you know exactly where and what the buttons are so that was not a major selling point for me. But ya always give it to your cousin Daniel who has no sweet clue how to play, it might help him out a bit when you are telling him what button does what. 
  2. DISPLAY : A LED screen allows players to visually adjust shots per seconds in real time. Now this is a bit more useful. Every gun, in most games, has a maximum fire rate. This screen allows you to switch and test the fire rates on the go. It`s not super simple, but it is at least possible.
  3. RAPID FIRE : This is the main reason I purchased this controller. I wanted to be able to use my COD points on other things than getting my weapon fully automatic. It is the one aspect of the controller that works extremely well, but only when you can find the exact fire rate that suits the weapon in question and that is a task you have to start over every time you change guns. There are 10 memory locations to save your favorite weapon which helps a little bit. The rapid fire button allows you to quickly toggle rapid fire on and off.
  4. SHOT PER SEC : Unlike other rapid fire controllers the MINDFORCE PS3 allows for customized fire rates of up to 99.9 shots per second. 999 different fire rates seems a bit over the top, but I does give you the ability to find the exact fire rate you need. 
  5. BARRAGE : This unleash your full arsenal. This button is placed on the underbelly of the controller which makes it awkward to press at time and, to be honest, the only time I used it was by accident. To me this feature is useless because it is like panicking on demand, not accurate and a waste of ammo. It is also only compatible with the call of duty series (excluding MW3)
  6. QUICK SCOPE : The QUICK SCOPE feature instantly zooms in and takes the shot in one fluent motion. A good attribute if you like quickscoping, but I didn't find it very accurate. To be fair, I didn't spend much time using this feature. Also only compatible with the Call of Duty series.
  7. DROP SHOT : 
    With the press of the Modify button and the D-pad based Drop Shot, you drop to the ground and engage rapid fire, but by the time you react and press both buttons you've been shot multiple times. Again, only compatible with the Call of Duty series.
    With steady scope activated the moment you zoom in your aim becomes steady. Good feature, but I tend to turn it off because I look for long amount of times down sight. Again, only compatible with the Call of Duty series.
  9. REMAP
    There are nine usable layouts on the Call of Duty Series and with the REMAP feature all the controller's features can be usable no matter what the setting. Again, only compatible with the Call of Duty series. ( I feel like I'm repeating myself )


And this is where it all falls apart. The concept is great, a controller with many features you regularly use while playing the game. The only problem is that it is very counter intuitive. It might be because I've played first person shooters with the original controller all those years but it just doesn't feel 'right'. But this controllers downfall is its lack in precision. The two control sticks are just not as accurate as I wish they would be and because of that, the gameplay suffers.

The Bottom line

The bottom line is you have to make a choice. Do you want to sacrifice accuracy for features or not? If so, then this controller is for you. If not, I would save my money.


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