Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rhino Skin Balls Review

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The texture of a Rhino without the weight

Being a gym teacher, I have seen equipment come and go but I think these dodge-balls are here to stay. Before acquiring those balls my students used pink rubber balls to play dodge ball  They were easy to throw but getting hit by them was painful (especially for the younger kids). Now even my kindergartners can get hit without fear of getting hurt.


These balls are soft enough to to hit a child without fearing injury, yet dense enough to be thrown across the gym. Filled with foam and air, they can be squashed to a pancake and take back their forms without a few seconds. The texture of the calls makes it easy for even the tiniest hands to grab firmly.

They come in six different colors including yellow, red, green, blue, purple and orange (a black version of the ball can be ordered on it's own). I have about 30 6 1/4 inch ones and 6 of the super special series that are about twice the size of the dodge-balls. Other than the weight and size the balls are pretty much the same (See picture bellow). 


I use the balls mainly for dodge ball but also when practicing manipulation with the kids (one of the 8 main themes evaluated for phys. ed in my province) that way they can all have material without me fearing them getting hurt. 

Even tho I use and enjoy them, they are not perfect. After having the smaller balls for over a year now, some of the ones we use regularly are starting to loose some firmness. It is like the foam inside some of the balls has shrunken slightly while the outer skin has not. Nothing major as only a select few balls are affected but still a minor incontinence. A few balls have also been pierced but that doesn't seem to affect the usability of the balls (as long as the students don't start picking at them that is).

The Price Tag

Reasonably priced, the dodge balls go for about 9.99$ a ball or 64.99$ for a set of 6 colors and I believe I paid 126.99 for a set of 6 of the bigger ones. Not to bad considering I will be using them for quite a few years and on a weekly basis.

The Bottom Line

Those pieces of equipment are essential to my teaching and I haven't found any other balls that could come close to the quality of these ones. If you are a teacher and have the budget, I strongly suggest you look into acquiring then. If you are parent, get a few and your kids will thank you for it.


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