Monday, May 6, 2013

a-Jays One+ Review


Solid performance, with one exception.

In the continuing quest for the perfect earphones (or earbuds), I stumbled across the Swedish-made a-Jays One+ almost one year ago. These uniquely-styled headphones boast a wide variety of features with a relatively modest price ($80 AUD).


Jays claim the a-Jays One+ is compatible with most smartphones, and as of yet I haven’t come across a phone that doesn’t work happily with them. Their ‘tangle-free’ cable isn’t so much tangle-free as highly tangle-resistant. That being said, even when it does tangle (a rare occurrence), it only takes a moment to free up the headphones for use. Their gold-plated right-angle jack provides a solid but low profile connection, which is really a must with today’s growing smartphones.
With a single multi-function button and microphone, the headphones allow for numerous (and for Android, highly configurable) audio and call controls. By default the button uses single press for play/pause, double press for next song, and triple press for going back. In practice, I’ve found that the timing of the multiple presses can be somewhat unforgiving, with my music occasionally pausing when I’ve tried to skip.
With 5 different sizes of silicon sleeves, the headphones are sure to fit your ears snugly, providing that glorious blocking out of external sound that is lacking in standard headphones.

Style, Quality and Performance

The simple design of the headphones, with its black rubber coating and large flat cable, provide a subtle yet tasteful modern style. Even after one year of almost daily use, these headphones show little to no wear, with the multi-function button retaining a firm, solid action.
The sound quality of the headphones are rather good (with one exception) for the price point, providing a very smooth sound, with a very slight emphasis on bass. That exception I mentioned occurs whilst in motion. Whilst walking with any pair of headphones, you may notice that you can hear when the headphones move. This seems to be slightly more pronounced with the a-Jays One+, the effect being so pronounced as to be heard on the other end of a call. I suspect this is due to the larger, heavier cable.

The Bottom Line

The a-Jays One+ provides a solid sound performance and quality design for a reasonable price. However, if you’re someone who’s likely to be irritated by louder than usual noise artefacts whilst in motion, then these headphones won’t be for you. 


  1. Awesome review Andrew! Keep it up!

  2. Bought a pair.
    They are awesome!
    Thank you.