Thursday, July 11, 2013

Foscam FI8910W review


Foscam FI8910W, dad’s third eye...
As a soon to be dad, I was looking for a camera that would let me keep an eye on my baby girl from anywhere in the house. Upon receiving the Foscam FI8910W wireless camera, I soon realized I found that and much, much more.

I have had some wireless cameras in the past but always found them to be a pain to install and lacking in image quality so my expectations had been lowered quite a bit. Although the installation of the FI8910W was not the simplest task to accomplish, anyone with basic computer knowledge will be able to set it up without problem.

The list of features on this camera is quite extensive so I will stick to the ones I used the most. First, there is the ability to not only view but also remotely control the device from multiple devices simultaneously. This means that both mom and dad can keep an eyes on the sleeping baby from anywhere in the house. Typical I am downstairs on the computer and my wife is on her iPad. The peace of mind this camera provides is priceless. Not only can we see the baby but we can hear her thanks to the microphone the camera is equipped with.

The camera also has auto IR-LED illumination for night vision. That simply means that as soon as the camera detects that the amount of light in the room is insufficient, it will switch to night mode automatically, another great feature to see the baby late at night.

The camera can be viewed from many different browsers (I tried IE, Firefox, chrome, safari and Opera and they all worked flawlessly) Also a motion detection can be activated if you want to use the camera for security or simply to know when the baby moves.

Style and quality
I have been testing the camera for over a month now and I still love it. It feels and looks very sturdy. I dropped it once or twice and it survived. Visually, I didn't find it intrusive at all and have no doubt that it will easily be incorporated in my daughter's room thanks to the wall mount that came with it.

I only encountered a small problem with the camera at first. The camera would reset on its own to the default camera placement so I contacted the company and it turns out I had forgotten to upgrade the firmware when I initially installed the camera. Customer service answered my e-mail extremely fast and walked me through the process step by step. Since then, the camera works as intended. Another great thing about the camera is that when I remotely change its position, it is whisper quite. I can’t even hear it if I try to so there is no risk of waking up a sleeping baby or of someone even realizing they are being watched (in a security related scenario). The image quality also surpassed my expectation. With a resolution of 640x480, I can clearly see the image and modify the brightness and contrast if need be (I have not had to do so yet).

The bottom line
The Foscam FI8910W wireless camera met all my needs and then some. And at 99$ the price is right. Many video monitors are way more expensive than this one and do not offer half the features this one does. Not to mention you can access is from anywhere in the house and by more that only one person.

It can be found here

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  1. If the 8910 is anything like the 8918 I have, you can set it to update a dynamic DNS service for you, forward a few ports on your router, and even connect to the the camera from outside your home with the hostname provided by the dynamic dns service.

  2. Looks like a British police mans hat. You should nickname it Bobby.