Friday, July 12, 2013

Free Key System Review

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Turning simple into efficient

How many times have you ever struggled to put a new key on a key ring? For me the answer is simple: every single time. Now this item won't change the world but it might make yours a little bit better. I love the fact that they were able to take something simple and make it even simpler. Let's take a closer look...


It's a key ting so the features are not very extensive but what it does, it does it well. By pressing on the FreeKey logo, you can lift the edge of the ring so you can easily insert or remove any key to or from you keyring. I personally tried it with many all my keys (House, car, etc.) and had no problems inserting them all. The free key system also has three smaller rings that can hold one or two keys. Those smaller rings make you bunch of keys way more malleable making what was ouce a spiky ball of keys... a slightly less spiky ball of keys.

Style and performance

It looks and feels good, smooth all around and has the FreeKey logo on it. It performs very well and does exactly what it claims to be able to do. I've had it over a month now and even though I chuck my keys here and there it has not bent or broken yet.

The bottom line

At 4.99 for the ring itself and 7.49 CAD for the full system, you can't really go wrong. As I stated before, it won't change the world, but it's one less thing to lose time on.

It can be found here

Have you ever use the FreeKey system? What did you think? Let us know bellow!

1 comment:

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